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Marine Aqua Facial offers one of the most in-demand cosmetic treatments available, and restores the skin’s natural glow, with visible results after just one treatment. Suitable for all skin types, the Marine Aqua Facial offers two powerful treatment modalities, the Rotating Hand Piece massages the skin, encouraging lymphatic drainage in addition to mechanical exfoliation, stimulating the skin, and increasing blood supply to allow enhanced penetration of the active ingredients.
The Tornado handpiece is perfect for chemical exfoliation, its tornado action removes dead skin cells, and unblocks pores removing dirt particles, sebum and buildup. Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture and pore size, treat blemishes and reduce pigmentation. Marine Aqua Facial offers all of the technology you do need, and non of the technology that you don’t.

Beautiful radiant skin after just one treatment?

Yes, that is now possible! Aqua Facials are the latest beauty innovation to be hitting aesthetic clinics all over the world because they promise to deliver not only immediately visible but also long-lasting results.





MachineIn addition to classic in-salon treatments such as microdermabrasion, ultrasound and microneedling, Aqua facial has quickly become one of the most popular machine-aided facial treatments in today’s cosmetic world. It is the innovation in the cosmetic industry, outshining all previous methods.
Why is that? Quite simply, Aqua facial combines several steps – gentle cleansing, intense exfoliation and nourishing hydration – into one unique treatment that works on many different skin types.



The best thing about Aqua facial is that it can be used to treat a very wide range of skin conditions and skin types and achieves incomparable results. Combat pimples, blackheads and clogged pores? No problem! Special handpieces and attachments in combination with adjustable vacuum pressure make it possible to treat the skin effectively and above all pain-free. For example, sebum build-up and dead skin cells can be sucked right out of the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are also taken care of. Immediately after the treatment, the skin appears plumper, smoother and firmer. Tired skin gets more glow and even pigmentation spots and redness can be visibly reduced with this Aqua facial miracle machine.



The Marine Facial machine is based and built on this proven concept. What could be more obvious than combining the Aqua facial treatment with the most effective marine ingredients? A blend of AHAs and BHAs that achieve strong effects on the surface as well as the deeper layers of the skin, and nurturing ingredients that are infused with the help of two different available handpieces – that is what makes the Marine Facial 900 so particularly effective. The unique Rotating Handpiece not only delivers the active ingredient solutions into the skin, but also stimulates the skin surface with an intensive massage for even better results.




  • Dry skin
  • Tired, lifeless & dull skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Skin prone to redness, couperose & rosacea
  • Oily skin
  • Mature skin



  • Reduce blemishes & pimples
  • Reduce sun damage & hyperpigmentation
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Even skin texture
  • Smooth fine lines & wrinkles
  • Smaller pores & a deeply cleansed, healthy complexion
  • Glow effect



3 Steps to beautiful, radiant skin with Marine Facial

3 potent solutions brimming with active ingredients

Step 1: Gentle alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) i.e. glycolic and lactic acid, exfoliate dead skin cells while simultaneously infusing the skin with hydration. They provide a natural glow effect and help to prevent and reduce signs of premature ageing and hyperpigmentation (age spots or dark spots).

Step 2: Anti-inflammatory beta hydroxy acids (BHAs/ salicylic acid) offer calming and soothing properties, cleanse and unclog pores and help to clear up blemishes and blackheads without irritating the skin. Plus, they strengthen the skin’s structure and promote an even skin tone.

Step 3: The third and last solution contains a nourishing blend of potent actives like vitamin B3, amino acids and Camellia japonica seed oil. This cocktail of active ingredients smooths and hydrates the skin and improves its overall appearance. It also has a beneficial effect on acne-prone skin and plant extracts like rose and lavender extract offer soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

So versatile! In addition to facial treatments, the Marine Facial can also be used to aid treatments that target back blemishes, side sleeper wrinkles on the décolleté and age spots on the back of hands.


Innovative Machine for a Unique Skin Treatment – Marine Facial Benefits:

  • Ideal for all aesthetic clinics
  • Unique treatment options with the Rotating Handpiece
  • All the technologies you do need and none that you don’t
  • Proven technology & extremely popular
  • Short treatment with great effect
  • Easy to use & self-cleaning function
  • Can be combined with all DALTON skincare products
  • Portable machine
  • Marketing and general support
  • An all-inclusive concept
  • Low-cost consumables
  • 12 months fully comprehensive warranty
  • Substantial savings and maximised return on investment compared to competitor products.
  • High-quality precision manufactured Korean technology



2 Different Handpieces – 1 Exceptional Treatment
The unique massage handpiece with a rotating silicone tip combines chemical and mechanical exfoliation. Thanks to the combination of adjustable vacuum suction power and massage, the skin is not only deeply cleansed, but it also stimulates the skin and increases blood flow. This enhances the absorption of actives enormously and the high-quality ingredients can penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. The silicone tip comes in two sizes, to ensure that all parts of the face, like the forehead, cheeks, and the T-zone, can be easily reached.
The Tornado Handpiece is the common handpiece for the DALTON Marine Facial Treatment. It is perfect for chemical exfoliation. The handy tool guarantees the precise and controlled application of the solution and the removal of dirt particles, impurities and sebum build-up. The tip is available in two different sizes, making it ideal for treating all areas of skin.
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • 6 adjustable suction levels
  • 10 adjustable solution flow rate levels
  • One-touch automatic cleaning system
  • Patient / Client treatment time management feature
  • Noise reduction design
  • Control Panel: 5-inch Colour LCD
  • Vacuum pressure 250-600 mmHg
  • Air circulation cooling system
  • Maximum noise level: 80 dB
  • Net weight: 10Kg
  • Dimensions: 220mm (w), 270mm (d) & 410mm (h)



Naso-labial fold – 4 Treatments

Pigmentation spots – 4 Treatments

Forehead wrinkles – 4 Treatments



Visible results after just 1 Treatment



Which skin types can be treated with Aqua Facial?
From dry skin to oily skin, mature skin, sensitive skin and blemish-prone skin – an Aqua facial offers tremendous benefits for every skin type. This treatment can even reduce skin redness and hyperpigmentation.
How much do Aqua facial treatments cost and how long do they take?
Suggested pricing from £75 -£150, although many clinics offer special introductory rates or package prices. One facial treatment usually takes about 30 minutes, or 45 minutes for the extended luxury version.
How long do the results last?
To prolong the effect of the treatment, it is crucial to also be using the right skincare products at home. We recommend you do not exfoliate for several days after the treatment and to provide the skin with lots of moisture and antioxidants. And don’t forget to apply sun protection! After treatments that use AHAs, it is especially important to protect your skin from UV rays. Sun creams with SPF 50+ are ideal.

Immediately after the treatment, you might experience temporary tightness or redness. But that is no cause for concern, those are normal reactions that generally subside after a short time.

How often should you book a treatment?
Depending on your specific goals and your skin’s needs, you can book a Marine Facial treatment just once to get your skin ready for a special event, or a series of treatments to achieve long-lasting improvements. As a rule, we recommend a series of 3-5 treatments in intervals of 10-14 days. After that, it is a good idea to book a professional facial once a month, to keep the skin in optimal condition.
Where does the Aqua facial trend come from?
The original system has its origin in the USA or, to be precise, in Los Angeles. It has been known as the anti-ageing treatment in Hollywood since the end of the 90s and stars swear by the incomparable effect of the treatment. 10 years later, the trend started spreading to Europe as well. Today, this treatment has become an indispensable part of instrumental cosmetics.
What makes facial devices and machines so special?
Unlike conventional facial treatments in beauty salons, machine-based cosmetics combine the best of skincare with scientific know-how from the medical industry, to infuse the active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. Where a traditional skin treatment reaches its limits, is where instrumental cosmetics start thanks to innovative machine-based treatments. The result: Fast, usually painless, non-invasive, and long-lasting skin improvement.
Is finance available?
Finance is available subject to status and acceptance.


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