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C-Pen II Replacement Needle Cartridges Box 20

Box of 20 sterile needle cartridges

Practice microneedling while ensuring the safety of your customers and avoiding any risk of infection or bad skin reaction with celestetic professional needle cartridges.

  • One box contains 20 needle cartridges for microneedling.

  • A needle cartridge consists of 16 microneedling needles.

  • Each cartridge is sterilised and packed in a sterile, airtight bag.

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Medical Grade C-Pen II Micro-needling Intro Kit

Medical Grade C-Pen II Micro-needling Intro Kit by Belgian Manufacturer Celestetic. This is a premium micro-needling device, with pre-sterilised single use needle cartridges. It creates micro perforations in the epidermis without damaging the skin for a double action: stimulating the natural … Read More

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