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Fragrance-Free Toner for Sensitive Skin


  • Soothing and refreshing
  • Helps restore the skin’s pH after cleansing
  • With balloon vine and panthenol
  • Fragrance-free and alcohol-free
  • For sensitive skin

Sensitive and allergy-prone skin is easily irritated by environmental influences and certain ingredients in cosmetics. That is why our facial toner for sensitive skin is free of ingredients that are likely to provoke irritation: fragrance, colorants, and alcohol. It contains soothing ingredients like balloon vine and panthenol to relieve irritation and hydrate dry skin. The Soothing Toner should be used daily, to restore the skin to its natural pH level after cleansing with water, and to remove any excess oil, dirt or make-up residues that might be left after cleansing. This ensures that the skin is optimally prepared for the next steps of your routine. The gentle, alcohol-free toner can also be used for a quick boost of freshness throughout the day.

The toner can be combined with the whole DALTON product range. Click on the menu item ‘Sensitive Skin / Redness’ to see more products for your skin type.