FLUX Smart Skin Analysis System (MC-10) using AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Apple iPad Interface – IOS with free updates – iPad Included

AI – Artificial Inteligence – Database 5 Million Images / Scans

Upto 12MP Resolution

Digital images via RGB and UV spectrum modes:

  • RGB Light

  • Cross-Polarised Light

  • Parallel-Polarised Light

  • UV Light

  • Wood’s Light

Auto diagnose & identify issues:

  • Surface pigments

  • Spots

  • Pore Size

  • Skin Age

  • Skin Tone

  • Chemical Residue

  • UV Spots

  • Wrinkles

  • Lines

  • Sensitivity

Capture before and images for baseline and to track treatment progress

Option to recommend skincare products based on analysed data and parameters


Professional skin analysis equipment enhances your patients / clients experience, accurately record base line and starting images, show progress, encourage and motivate your clients to complete their course of treatment. Provide visual evidence for the need of skincare and better explain the treatments that you recommend. Improve treatment outcomes, support your examination, diagnosis & treatment rational. Demonstrate and show the ageing process of skin, educate your clients on how to slow down and reduce the process and justify the skincare products that you recommend.





Now Available to pre-order £2,990 plus VAT

12 Months Warranty

Full Training & Installation

Includes 2022 /23 Apple iPad

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