Flux Aesthetics is an exclusive distributor of Dalton Marine Cosmetics for the United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland. We know that everyone’s skin is different and has unique needs. We strive to develop skincare products that are tailored completely to you – not the other way around! You don’t have to decide between anti-ageing benefits and specialized products that treat your skin concerns or any skin conditions you might have.

During the development of new products, we always make sure that all the products in our range can easily be combined with each other – so you can find your own personal routine for beautiful skin! As an expert brand in the field of marine skincare, we rely on maritime active ingredients and natural raw materials to guarantee that our products are gentle, yet highly effective.





Over 45 years of experience in the field of marine cosmetics

- Natural ingredients from the sea

- Individual skincare concepts for all skin types

- Cruelty-free skincare products

- Gentle, yet highly effective formulas

- Highest quality made in Germany

- Social and environmental commitment



The Celumer Marine Extract is the basis of our anti-ageing cosmetics. It combines the best maritime active ingredients in a unique composition that meets the highest standards. Based on many years of experience in the field of marine cosmetics and the latest scientific findings, we have, after 40 years, reinvented the idea of the Celumer Marine Extract. And with impressive results! Our Celumer Marine Extract incorporates six interactive active ingredients to rejuvenate, nourish and protect the skin.



Millions of years ago, the sea offered an optimal environment for the formation of life, and therefore us humans. Our maritime heritage remains evident to this day, due to the amazing similarity between the mineral composition of seawater and our blood plasma and lymphatic fluids. These correlations were discovered already at the beginning of the 20th century and are still very relevant in the cosmetic world today.

The mixture of trace elements and mineral salts in seawater is well known to our body and therefore extremely well absorbed and tolerated by our skin. This natural mechanism facilitates the absorption of vital substances into the deeper layers of the skin. The knowledge of this basic principle is the foundation of our product philosophy. DALTON Marine Cosmetics – inspired by the sea.

Unique blend of trace elements and mineral salts that is well tolerated by the skin



In a special procedure, the marine minerals from pure seawater are then combined with five particular marine active ingredients to become a holistic composition. The result is our Celumer Marine Extract, which provides the cells with a natural supply of vital substances to nourish and protect the skin. It has a scientifically proven effect, stimulating the body’s own regenerative properties and giving the skin a rejuvenated, youthful appearance.

An independent biophysical and dermatologically controlled study* proves that the Celumer Marine Extract achieves the following results after just four weeks:

 Studies show that the Celumer Marine Extract offers an anti-aging effect and optimal skin protection

  • 48% increase of hyaluronic acid for multiple boosts of the skin’s moisture levels. The skin appears plump and supple.

  • 43% increase of collagen for an intense strengthening of the connective tissue. The skin appears firmer and more youthful.

  • 19% increase in cell activity for improved cell metabolism. The skin appears vitalized and refreshed.

  • 17% increase in UV protection due to strengthened cells. Counters oxidative stress and premature skin ageing.

* Performed on participants between 47 and 62 years of age. Application of the Celumer Marine Extracts twice daily for a period of four weeks. Examination of the test samples in comparison with the untreated control. The study was carried out in vivo.

Mode of Action


DALTON Marine Cosmetics step-by-step mode of action

PHASE 1: ACTIVATION & DETOXIFICATION for a fresh complexion cell metabolism is stimulated. Harmful substances are purged from the cells.

PHASE 2: NOURISHMENT & PROTECTION for a healthy skin appearance more vital substances can now be absorbed, to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and support the skin’s natural immune system.

PHASE 3: CELL COMMUNICATION & CELL BALANCE for an even and balanced skin appearanceCell communication is increased and leads to an optimised supply of nutrients to the skin. The cell and its environment are now in balance. Deficiencies are corrected more effectively.

PHASE 4: REGENERATION & CELL RENEWAL for a firm and youthful skin appearance skin cells now have time for regenerative processes. They preventively protect themselves against the consequences of extreme strain and at the same time produce an increased amount of healthy, new cells.

The Celumer Marine Extract is proprietary knowledge of DALTON MARINE COSMETICS. Due to its extraordinary rejuvenating effect, this extract is included in all DALTON anti-ageing products.